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The Caravan Entrepreneurship Program

The Caravan Entrepreneurship Program (CEP), the flagship program of Caravan Africa Project, is an initiative that provides a comprehensive framework to accelerate industrialization and create mass employment for young people on the African continent by interlinking local value chains to create cross-border ecosystems of STEM capacities and micro-entrepreneurial skills which through synergies can CREATE JOBS, DRIVE TRADE & BOOST INTEGRATION for GLOBAL COMPETITIVENESS.

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The Sankore Fellowship

TThe Sankore Program is the “Caravan Scholars Program", under the big umbrella of the “Caravan Africa Project”, to provide young people the opportunity to work with African Presidents (Leaders) to conceive ground-breaking ideas and identify viable strategies to bring them to life. Each year, a diverse group of mid-career professionals will begin a journey to hone their leadership abilities through interactions with presidents and key presidential staff and administration officials.

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  • Ghana
  • Mauritius
  • Niger
  • Togo